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Greater Flint Area Sports Hall Of Fame Inductees


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M & S Orange - 1945

MacDonald, Andy

Mancour, Larry

Manley II, Frank J. Dr.

Manley, Frank Sr. | Special Service Award

Manych, Nick

Marble, Roy

Marcet, Marco

Markel, Bart

Marve, Eugene

Massar, Jim

Massar, Jim | Emeritus Recognition

Matthews, John

Mayor Rutherford, Jim | Emeritus Recognition

McCombs, Bennie

McGee, Kathy

McGee, Pamela

McGee, Paula

McKenney, Linnell Jones

McLenna, Bruce

McLogan-Herman, Anne

Menosky, Mike

Middleton, Lee

Minardo, Bill | Special Service Award

Minarik, Hank

Mintline, Doug | Special Service Award

Moore, Booker

Moore, Deanne

Moore, Gerald | Emeritus

Moore, Willie

Morrissey, Jim

Morrow, Don

Morrow, Ken

Morse, Jack

Mott Community College Basketball Teams - 2007-2008

Mott, Charles Stewart | Special Service Award

MSD Track - 1945-46

Mt. Morris Girls Softball Teams - 1984-1985

Murphy, Dr. J. Vincent | Special Service Award

Myers, Ernie

Myers, Ernie | Emeritus Status

Myers, Ron | Special Service Award