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Greater Flint Area Sports Hall Of Fame Inductees


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Badar, Norbert

Baldwin, Jack

Banks, Carl

Barclay, Bill

Barclay, Jim

Barnett, Reggie

Basilius, Bill | Emeritus Status

Batchelor, Don

Bates, Floyd

Bauman, Mark

Beecher Boys Basketball Team - 1976

Beecher Football Team - 1949

Bell, Charlie

Bentley High School Baseball Team - 1973

Bentley, Francis

Bernard, Roger

Bernstein, Bob | Special Service Award

Bero, Johnny

Biedenbach, John

Bill, Trosko | Emeritus Status

Bishop Construction Baseball - 1975

Blamer, Bill

Blom, Doug

Bolden, Leroy

Borden's Drugs Fastpitch Softball Teams - 1980-1981

Borden, Bernie | Special Service Award

Boros, Steve

Branch, Hira E. | Special Service Award

Brandt, Bill

Branoff, Tony

Braun, Stephen | Special Service Award

Brazil, Lloyd

Briggs, Fred

Briggs, Fred | Emeritus Recognition

Britt, Wayman

Broome, Stan | Special Service Award

Brotebeck, Charles "Bud"

Bryant, Norm | Special Service Award

Buick Colts American Legion Baseball - 1961

Buick Recreation Baseball - 1936

Burek, Bob | Emeritus Status

Burton Atherton Girls Volleyball Team - 1983

Burton Bendle Girls Basketball Team - 1991

Burton Bentley Baseball Team - 1975

Burton, Leon

Byrd, Joe Willie

Bysco, Steve