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  • All nominees must have outstanding achievements or have contributed
    significantly to athletics in the greater Flint area.

  • Typical nominees will have résumés which include the following types of recognition:
    A. All State
    B. All American
    C. State Champions
    D. USA/World/Olympics
    E. Coaches - Exemplary Service - Coach of the Year

  • Excellence far above the ordinary in field of endeavor required.

  • A nominee employed as a professional athlete is not eligible for consideration unless they have been retired for three years.

  • Anyone currently serving on the Board of Directors or the Selection Committee shall not be eligible for nomination or election to the GFASHOF.

   How Do you get Nominated?
  • Every potential individual or team nominee must first and foremost have an official GFASHOF nomination form on file.

  • Nominations must be made on official GFASHOF Candidate Forms that are available at the Genesys Athletic Club. The receptionist at the Genesys Athletic Club will have forms for individuals, special services and teams. Candidate Forms are available on the Nominations Forms page (you may also access the forms by using the "Nomination Forms" tab).

   Distinguished Service Award
  • The Board of Directors selects an honoree each year to receive the "Distinguished Services Award." This award is based on contributions made in community at large and athletics in the greater Flint area.

  • Included but not restricted to organizations, counselors, sponsor donors or members of the media.

  • Leadership roles in athletic program development.
  • Each individual inducted into the GFASHOF will be honored with an appropriate plaque displayed at the Genesys Athletic Club and a smaller, personal replica. Approved candidates are formally inducted at the induction banquet held each year at the Genesys Athletic Club.

  • The induction banquet is traditionally held the first Saturday in December of every year.

   The Team Award

  • The Board of Directors of the GFASHOF established the Team Award in 1992 to honor the contributions that members of teams have made to the athletic heritage of the community. Not more than three teams are honored each year. Currently, 91 teams have been inducted. These teams have a special room at the Genesys Athletic Club (the "Jim Massar Team Room") where visitors may view all the team photo plaques.