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The general public is encouraged to submit nominations for individuals and/or teams that have demonstrated outstanding performance and athletic achievement. The deadline for nominations is April 1st of each year.

The Board of Directors of the GFASHOF consist of 18 voluntary members who normally meet on a monthly basis.

Within the Board of Directors is a research committee of 9 members, appointed by the President on a rotating basis. This committee reviews all the nomination forms (currently over 100 living candidates and over 50 deceased candidates). Following their research and review, this research committee submits the names of 12 to 15 living candidates and 3 deceased candidates to the Board of Directors for approval to forward to the Selection Committee. The remaining nomination forms are never discarded.

The Selection Committee, a 9-member independent body of volunteers, reviews all the nominees sent by the Board of Directors research committee and selects no more than 5 living individuals and 1 deceased candidate for induction. Approval of the Board and the inductee (family when appropriate) is necessary for the induction process to be formalized.

Similarly, a 9-member Board of Directors team research committee, appointed by the President on a rotating basis, reviews all team nominations and selects no more than 3 teams for induction approval by the Board. Presently there are over 30 teams that are eligible for consideration. Again, the remaining nomination forms are never discarded. Additionally, a team representative must approve the selection to formalize the induction.

Official nomination forms for individuals, teams, and Special Service as well as forms for the Board of Directors and/or the Selection Committee are all available on the nomination forms page.